Caldwell is home to Idaho’s most diverse crop base, and we are proud of our roots, literally! For generations families have produced award-winning fruits, vegetables, grains and spices. Get the freshest produce to create excellent meals at home or find the perfect gift from local craftsmen or specialty food producers.


Senior Produce Program

The Caldwell Farmers Market Senior Produce Program is an initiative designed to empower and nourish our local seniors while fostering community engagement. Supported by generous donors and managed by the Caldwell Health Coalition, this program offers eligible seniors aged 60 and above an opportunity to receive $8 per household to spend at the market.

We invite seniors in our community to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to support your health and well-being while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of the Caldwell Farmers Market. Together, let’s cultivate a healthier, more resilient community for generations to come.


SNAP EBT Matching

One of the unique aspects of the Caldwell County Farmers Market is that it offers a Double Up Bucks program, which matches SNAP/EBT benefits up to $10 per market day. This helps low-income families access fresh, healthy foods.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as Food Stamps, helps low-income families buy the food they need in order to stay healthy. Eligible SNAP recipients receive an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card, which is used like a debit card at participating grocery stores and farmers markets.


Special Thanks to our partners that make this market possible.






Farm to fork vendors

Vendor Type
Date Attending
The kids on the bus call me the flower lady, the chicken lady, dog lady, and who knows what else. Ha! Whoot, we made it this far thanks to you folks! Anyhow, you will never catch me without a critter, flower, or weed in my hand. Hate being inside, hate the cold. I tried to convince myself I love the 4 seasons, but nope we can skip the 4th and just do with the 3rd. I don’t use a calendar. I am not a detailed person, I count on my brain to remember everything. So to sum it up, I fly by the seat of my pants and it hasn’t work well. Thank goodness I have my detailed oriented oldest, right hand gal, Shelby by my side, and my 14 year old social media guru, Macee, or we would be in a real mess.
A special personalized private location to practice yoga in the gorgeous, great outdoors. Nestled on the country side, Namaste In The Country is designed to support the health and wellbeing of the Treasure Valley’s growing community by providing yoga classes for everyone, hosting Goat Yoga, local events, educational classes, and workshops.
Lovely Hollow Farm is a U-Pick Flower Farm located in Caldwell Idaho. Here you can come and really walk among the colorful buds in bloom, find the ones you love and design your own bouquet. Lovely Hollow Farm owner, Nikki who loves helping her seeds transform into beautiful fields of flowers. She grew up in the cattle feeding business with her family, after graduating from Utah State with a degree in agriculture she realized her love for horticulture. The act of planting something so small, feeding it a sprinkle of water and watching these plants transform into huge flowers or shrubs. To Nikki though, it’s never been about just the flowers but bringing people together. She loves to share her farm with old friends and new. It’s always been her mission to have visitors leave the farm feeling serene and a bucket full of fresh flowers in your hands
The Shed at Garrett Ranches is a proud member of the AgVentures Trail and has been a multi-generational family farm in Canyon County since 1914. Since its establishment the Garrett family ranch has been growing fruit and believes in a strong legacy of local family business with many years to come. Visitors can stop by their seasonal produce stand located in an authentic 1930’s fruit packing shed, which brings you back in time in order to enjoy the “fruits and veggies” of their labors. The Shed at Garrett Ranches serves various fruits and veggies in season such as cherries, apricots, donut peaches, slicing peaches, canning peaches, plums, prunes, apples, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, snap beans, beets, zucchini, pumpkins.
We are a Registered Black Angus Ranch, our marbling and beefy flavor come from quality bloodlines and feeding food cows are meant to eat. We raise our cattle on lush green pastures and non-gmo alfalfa and barley hay. We pride ourselves in taking the best care of our cows and calves keeping them fat and happy, grazing on beautiful green grasses in the summer and hay in the winter. Stop by and pick up some Delicious Angus Beef our customers tell us it's the beefiest beef they've ever had! We also have Lamb Meat available.From our Pasture to Your Plate, Savor the Beefy Flavor! We've been selling Registered Black Angus since 1960, we like to get to know you and your needs and help you find the animals that best fit your herd and your bottom line. We have a progressive genetic program, bringing in some of the top bull semen and genetics in the Nation and synchronize AI all our cattle. We work hard to bring you the best genetics, EPD's, conformation, and range ready cattle and bulls. ​Cattle Mineral and Oiler Stations, takes care of the flies while cows get their salt and minerals, clients call it the 'cow carnival'. Cows and bulls love the scratching posts, it is very durable and will last you many years without getting broken or bent by your cows or bulls. Many clients report that it has cut down on eye problems.
"We are the Tate's. Goose, Malia, and our two sweet babies. Our life consists mostly of babies and bees. My husband and father are both professional beekeepers. For three generations our family has been keeping bees and helping them make delicious honey. When my husband decided he wanted to be a beekeeper I wasn't sure. The life of a full time beekeeper isn't easy, and is filled with lots of late nights, and a lot of hard work. BUT being in the bees is a feeling like nothing else.

We are so happy to carry on my Steele family traditions. It truly is the best life and we can't wait to share it with our kids and all of you!"

The Beekeeping Experience

Have you ever wanted to experience a beehive like a beekeeper? Now you can! This summer Steele Legacy Honey will offer tours of our hives complete with a honey tasting experience. They will provide the bees, the keeper, and the suits. You bring your curiosity, and maybe a couple friends! 

Canyon County Fair’s mission is to be an inclusive celebration for the community, where your experience as a patron is paramount and you are encouraged to “Find Your Fun.” With concerts, entertainments, exhibits, food, animals and so much more its impossible not to enjoy every second of fun. Bring the whole family to ride some rides or go to the petting zoo it’s completely up to you.
Formed in 1961, Caldwell Fine Arts is a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to presenting and promoting the fine arts, educating the community, and developing cooperative relationships for the arts in the Treasure Valley. We are passionate about making connections through the arts! We are delighted when multiple generations of a family attend a ballet together, community members from all walks of life sit side by side and enjoy world-class music, and cultures collide as we understand diverse people and places through the arts.
Carrying a fine selection of used books, new books by Idaho authors; new and used games; works from Idaho artists.
Ruby Bloom is one of our newer shops on the plaza! They offer floral and plant services for all occasions and gifts for those you love. They will also be offering creative classes of all kinds.
Built by the Bureau of Reclamation to provide irrigation water for Canyon County agriculture, Lake Lowell opened in 1909 and is one of the largest off-stream reservoirs in the American west, with the capacity to irrigate over 200,000 acres of land. It has also become a popular recreation destination for the county’s citizens and visitors. Boating, swimming and fishing are among the many activities that folks enjoy at this beautiful oasis in southwest Idaho. Bird watching, hiking and hunting are other recreation options due to the presence of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife’s Deer Flat National Refuge, also established in 1909. As part of the wildlife refuge, recreation on Lake Lowell’s shoreline and waters may be subject to seasonal restrictions.
The Caldwell Luxe Reel Theatre opened summer 2018 and is a”first-run”, 11 screen luxury movie theater in the heart of downtown.

How to get here


 While dogs on leashes are allowed at the farmer’s market and surrounding walkways, pets (including dogs) are not allowed on Indian Creek Plaza except for licensed service pets. [A service dog is defined as a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability]


Here is a link to the vendor guidelines. Please read and then apply through our vendor portal: Vendor Guidelines & Signup 

The use of credit or debit cards is at the discretion of each vendor and their choice of POS system. Most vendors accept cash. 

Yes, feel free to bring your own reusable bags. Additionally, check out the info booth for first-come, first-serve cotton-branded reusable totes or purchase one of our premium cooler totes. 

Follow us on our Farm-to-Fork Farmers’ Market Facebook Page or on our Instagram page. 

The city has recently placed parking meters around the Caldwell central business district. Refer to the map for updated paid and non-parking areas within the Caldwell downtown district. 

You can check out our Destination Caldwell Agventure Page for more information on how to further connect with local farmers and vendors. Additionally, visit the Idaho Preferred website to learn more about local farm-to-fork farms and vendors. 

 “Farm to fork” refers to the direct journey of food from the farm to the consumer’s table, emphasizing freshness, quality, and sustainability while minimizing environmental impact. 

Downtown Caldwell, on 7th and Arthur Street, every Tuesday from May 14 to September 24 (2024). 

Supporting the “Farm to Fork” initiative promotes sustainable and transparent food systems, ensures fresher, higher-quality produce, and reduces environmental impact and food waste. 

 Buying locally sourced food offers fresher produce, supports the local economy, reduces environmental impact, and fosters community connections with local farmers and producers. 

  • Farm Produce (honey, milk, fresh produce, local meat) 
  • Specialty Foods (baked goods, spices, teas, jerky, jam and jellies, olive oils) 
  • Artisan and Crafts Wares 
  • Ready to Eat Food & Beverages 
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