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The Orchard House

Head over to The Orchard House in the Sunnyslope Region of town for some homemade pear pie—the locals’ favorite—and a glass or two of award-winning wines made right outside the door.

A craft Mexican kitchen opened summer 2019 in downtown Caldwell. Amano serves handcrafted tortillas, cocktails, and dishes that highlight the local harvest of Idaho.

The Snake River Scenic Byway is a path of places, people, and beautiful landscape that holds a rich historical tradition of what makes Idaho so wonderful. People passing by can find various vineyards and wineries all along the road, all year around. The byway is approximately 53 miles and can take up to 1 1/2 hours to fully travel. There is no rush though, the more time you allow to experience this place the more picturesque the view is. The location of the Snake River Scenic Byway takes you through Canyon County and winds its way through all some of the biggest wineries in the Sunnyslope Wine Trail here in Idaho.

Roadway: Idaho 45 is a two-lane road that’s maintained year-round. All other roadways are local, two-lane roads. Ice patches may occur during winter months. Note: canyon overlooks may not be passable in winter.

When to Visit: Throughout the year. Visit a variety of vineyards and wine-tasting venues along the route. Orchards are best in spring or fall, just before harvest.

Attractions: Wineries, vineyards, orchards, Fort Boise, Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge, Map Rock Petroglyph and scenic vistas.

We are a Registered Black Angus Ranch, our marbling and beefy flavor come from quality bloodlines and feeding food cows are meant to eat. We raise our cattle on lush green pastures and non-gmo alfalfa and barley hay. We pride ourselves in taking the best care of our cows and calves keeping them fat and happy, grazing on beautiful green grasses in the summer and hay in the winter. Stop by and pick up some Delicious Angus Beef our customers tell us it's the beefiest beef they've ever had! We also have Lamb Meat available.From our Pasture to Your Plate, Savor the Beefy Flavor!
We've been selling Registered Black Angus since 1960, we like to get to know you and your needs and help you find the animals that best fit your herd and your bottom line. We have a progressive genetic program, bringing in some of the top bull semen and genetics in the Nation and synchronize AI all our cattle. We work hard to bring you the best genetics, EPD's, conformation, and range ready cattle and bulls.

​Cattle Mineral and Oiler Stations, takes care of the flies while cows get their salt and minerals, clients call it the 'cow carnival'. Cows and bulls love the scratching posts, it is very durable and will last you many years without getting broken or bent by your cows or bulls. Many clients report that it has cut down on eye problems.

Little Cow Mountain Farm raises registered American Aberdeen Angus Cattle. These cows are very well suited for their farming system which is pasture based. These cows are smaller than average cows and are a reminiscent memory of when the owner raised cattle in their youth.
Owners - take a lot of pride in producing custom beef with high standards of quality for their local consumers. Their poultry broilers are grass-raised with lots of fresh air and sunshine. Raising animals on a pasture based system allows a high quality of life for their cows and chickens in order to live a healthy life. This system really allows farmers to give back to the land in a way that improves soil health and positively adds to the biomass.

The Shed at Garrett Ranches is a proud member of the AgVentures Trail and has been a multi-generational family farm in Canyon County since 1914. Since its establishment the Garrett family ranch has been growing fruit and believes in a strong legacy of local family business with many years to come.
Visitors can stop by their seasonal produce stand located in an authentic 1930’s fruit packing shed, which brings you back in time in order to enjoy the “fruits and veggies” of their labors. The Shed at Garrett Ranches serves various fruits and veggies in season such as cherries, apricots, donut peaches, slicing peaches, canning peaches, plums, prunes, apples, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, snap beans, beets, zucchini, pumpkins.

Lovely Hollow Farm is a U-Pick Flower Farm located in Caldwell Idaho. Here you can come and really walk among the colorful buds in bloom, find the ones you love and design your own bouquet. Lovely Hollow Farm owner, Nikki who loves helping her seeds transform into beautiful fields of flowers. She grew up in the cattle feeding business with her family, after graduating from Utah State with a degree in agriculture she realized her love for horticulture. The act of planting something so small, feeding it a sprinkle of water and watching these plants transform into huge flowers or shrubs. To Nikki though, it’s never been about just the flowers but bringing people together. She loves to share her farm with old friends and new. It’s always been her mission to have visitors leave the farm feeling serene and a bucket full of fresh flowers in your hands

Vine & Branch Ranch is one of the amazing wineries and vineyards located along the Sunnyslope Wine Trail and is a part of the AgVenture Trail here in Caldwell. There is always something going on here at Vine & Branch Ranch, you can expect brunches for every holiday and visit their farm, tasting room, cafe and more!
Vine & Branch Ranch is owned by local farmers who incorporate both artisan and agriculture into their products. They are also very deeply rooted in the community here in Canyon County by influencing regional culinary innovation and maintaining ecological transparency in all their hand-crafted goods. Vine & Branch Ranch strives to create a place to educate, entertain and leave the world even more beautiful than when they found it here in Idaho.

McIntyre Farms was established in 1909, it began with row crops and raising animals. This included a small number of dairy cows and a local supply of watermelons. Now in 2009, owners Ben and Brad started bringing more cows to the farm in order to help build up the soil fertility in a way that didn’t use a ton of artificial fertilizers or pesticides.
As time passed McIntyre Farms has grown the number of cows, hogs, chickens and turkeys on land. All of these animals play a vital row in farm rotation. The hens are a great way to naturally clean and sanitize the land by cleaning up flies and building up the soil's health. The owners rotate their crops which consist of various grasses, while also educating and selling crop seeds to the public. Currently, McIntyre Farms is run by the 3rd and 4th generation farmers Loren and brothers Ben and Brad. While Ben’s wife, Maria, helps on the farm while managing the farm's marketing and administration. Jill, who is married to Brad helps clean the eggs for packaging and fulfilling orders. Kathy is the family matriarch and motivator who tries to fill in when possible. As you can tell this close knit family really works together to keep things running smoothly and after years of farming they can only expect for more years to come in Caldwell.

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