2024 Sunnyslope Wedding Venue Spotlight: Secure Your Date!

2024 Sunnyslope Wedding Venue Spotlight: Secure Your Date!

Spring has arrived marking the season for outdoor activities, fresh air, and summer planning. Here in Caldwell and the Sunnyslope area of Idaho, farmers, vintners, and fruit growers are busy tending their fields and crops, while the hills boast new vibrant greenery. Did you know, amidst the picturesque landscapes of the West Treasure Valley, there are remarkable farm and wine country wedding venue event centers that provide epic destinations for events large and small? 

As a top trend for 2024 weddings and events, farm and wine country venues blend the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape with the nostalgia and culture of farm-to-fork and farm-to-cork experiences, honoring the region’s agricultural heritage and connection to nature. Along the Sunnyslope wine region in the Snake River Valley, you’ll find exceptional wedding and event venues that capture the essence of the land, offering guests an unforgettable experience while celebrating life’s milestones. 

Destination Caldwell is delighted to present four outstanding indoor/outdoor farm and wine country event spaces exclusive to Sunnyslope and the Snake River Valley. Each venue boasts its own unique charm and capabilities, from sprawling vineyards to panoramic views of rivers and mountains, historic farm settings to rustic indoor barns, accommodating events of any size. 

Explore each venue below and discover their distinctive features and capabilities, along with their contact information. Get your next wedding or event booked now before the season fills up!   


A Creekside Affair 

Creekside Affair wedding venue

Nestled amidst expansive fields and alongside the serene flow of Sand Hollow Creek, A Creekside Affair is a wedding venue that epitomizes Idaho’s natural beauty. Catering to Idaho couples, it offers a picturesque setting for creating cherished memories. With is captivating outdoor scenery and convenient indoor options, A Creekside Affair provides an ideal backdrop for joyous occasions.  

 As a family-owned business rooted in a legacy of creating beauty, A Creekside Affair reflects the vision of its patriarch, who spent 25 years building a successful landscape career in the Treasure Valley. In 2006, he fulfilled his dream of surrounding his family with fields instead of subdivisions by acquiring 200 acres of pristine land in Parma, Idaho. Through a journey of homesteading, this untamed land was transformed into a flourishing sanctuary, featuring lush trees, a tranquil 2-acre lake pond, and a charming farmhouse embraced by nature’s embrace.  

 A Creekside Affair takes pride in hosting couples as they embark on their marital journey, sharing in their joyous celebrations amidst the natural beauty of the land. This privilege is a testament to the unwavering dedication of a devoted family, committed to creating lasting memories for their guests.  


Kerry Hill Winery 

 Kerry Hill Winery stands as one of the oldest estate vineyards on the Sunnyslope, boasting over 45 years of history. All Wines produced by the winery are crafted from grapes grown exclusively on the estate. Inspired by the Kerry Hill Sheep cherished by owner Mindy Mayer, these animals play integral roles on the property, form aiding in the training of working dogs to contributing wool that assists in the grape growing process. The winery prides itself on providing a welcoming environment where visitors can enjoy breathtaking views, exceptional wines, and great company.  

 Additionally, Kerry Hill Winery offers the Kerry Hill Manor, a charming accommodation situated atop the estate with sweeping views. This elegantly renovated home, available for rent alongside the winery space, accommodates up to 10 guests. Perfect for bridal parties or groomsmen, it offers a picturesque setting for pre-wedding stays or the wedding night itself. With it expansive deck and lawn, the manor serves as an ideal venue for weddings or small events, adding to the allure of any special occasion  




Ste. Chapelle Winery 

Ste. Chapelle Wedding VenueLocated in the heart of Idaho wine country, Ste. Chapelle Winery is nestled between grapevines and orchards, offering picturesque views of the Snake River Valley. Whether it’s wine country weddings or intimate occasions, Ste. Chapelle provides all the amenities necessary for a memorable event. Best of all, your event will be managed by expert staff at one of Idaho’s founding wineries. It is Ste. Chapelle’s mission to make guests wine country weddings and events dreams come true.  







The Venue at Wood Farms 

The Venue at the Wood wedding venueOpening in September 2024 | Accepting Bookings Now | Provide Onsite Tours  

 Wood farms, a functional crop farm spanning five generations, has long been nestled on the west side of Lake Lowell at the top of the Sunnyslope hills. As the agricultural landscape in the Treasure Valley has evolved, the Wood family has sought to preserve their legacy while embracing opportunities to share their land with the community. This vision has come to fruition with the introduction of their stunning new  wedding venue, The Venue at Wood Farms. Leveraging their wealth of experience and resources, they now offer versatile event spaces and culinary experiences tailored to a variety of occasions.  

Steeped in history and tranquility, the property has been cultivated since its transformation from sagebrush in the 1800s. Reflecting their deep connection the land, the new venue building and grounds are thoughtfully designed to harmonize with its surroundings and showcase the breathtaking views of the Treasure Valley, Boise Foot Hills, Lake Lowell and the Owyhee Mountains. Every aspect of the design pays homage to the family’s agricultural heritage and the natural beauty of the landscape. As a family intimately involved in the shaping of Lake Lowell, the scenic backdrop serves as a daily reminder of their enduring connection to the land.  


As you plan your summer celebrations, explore the enchanting allure of farm and wine country wedding venues in Caldwell and the Sunnyslope area of Idaho. These venues offer a perfect blend of natural beauty and agricultural heritage, providing picturesque backdrops for weddings and events. From the serene ambiance of A Creekside Affair, to the historic charm of Kerry Hill Winery, the scenic views of Ste. Chapelle Winery, and the rustic elegance of The Venue at Wood Farms, each wedding venue promises an unforgettable experience. With exceptional wines, expert staff, and stunning surroundings, these venues ensure your dreams come true in Idaho’s wine country. Book your wedding venue now to secure your place amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the West Treasure Valley. Click the venue name to learn more about their event capabilities, and special offerings.