Who Your Food Comes From

Who Your Food Comes From

Do you know WHO your food comes from? 

By Maddison Huck, Destination Caldwell Intern 

The new Farm to Fork Farmers’ Market in downtown Caldwell is growing! Every week there are new vendors and more produce available. Like most farmers’ markets, the vendors must grow or make their products locally to be accepted, so you generally know WHERE your food is coming from. But, do you know WHO you are supporting when you buy local? This month, I wanted to highlight a few of the people behind the great produce and proteins available at the market.    

Little Cow Mountain Farm 

Meet Debra and Kyle Bruner, the couple behind Little Cow Mountain Farm located right here in Caldwell. Little Cow Mountain Farm brings pasteurized poultry including whole chickens, farm-raised free-range eggs and angus beef cuts such as steaks, tenderloin and ground beef to the Farm to Fork Farmer’s Market every week. 

“We used to run a large cattle operation but we decided to downsize because I really wanted to be closer to the consumer and sell specialty products,” Debra said.  

Debra and her husband have been farming locally since 2016 and enjoy being a part of the Farm to Fork Farmers’ Market because it gives them the ability to sell directly to their consumers. They raise chicken and beef now on their small 10-acre farm. It has taken several years for them to have enough product to sell to multiple restaurants and farmers’ markets. Besides providing top-notch protein to consumers, the Bruner family takes pride in how they have improved the quality of the land and soil through their sustainable farming and ranching practices.  

Remember when you shop at the Farm to Fork Farmers’ Market from 5-8PM every Tuesday May – October at Indian Creek Plaza you are not only getting the best local food, you are supporting farm families and agriculture in our area!  Farm to fork is a VERY short distance in Caldwell.