Story Behind the Storefront: SpectaGals Optical & Gift Boutique

Story Behind the Storefront: SpectaGals Optical & Gift Boutique

Walking inside, I immediately recognized the glasses perched on Christina Rock’s nose. It’s not every day you see a pair of hot pink, cat-eyed frames. Turning around, I saw the same pair featured on the SpectaGals logo on the storefront window.

Rock, the founder and owner of SpectaGals Optical & Gift Boutique, has cultivated a vibrant, chic shop on the front corner of the Indian Creek Plaza. 

Wearing glasses from a very young age, Rock realized national chain and department store frames didn’t give her the opportunity to express herself the way she wanted to; she didn’t want your typical, rectangular glasses. Rock realized that glasses are, by nature, practical, but that doesn’t mean they have to lack style. 

“I started my career in the optical world in my early twenties,” Rock explained. “Having my own boutique had always been a dream, and my love for everything unique led me to finally pull the trigger.” 

SpectaGals began as a mobile optical front, but Rock quickly realized her vision for the company required a storefront. The purpose of SpectaGals is to provide glasses that enhance your vision, accentuate your personality and add to your style.

“The first thing people see about you is your eyes,” Rock explained. “My boutique is filled with beautiful, unique pieces of eyewear that are crafted to bring out your best qualities and tell the story of what makes you, you.”

Looking for a place to establish SpectaGals, Rock knew she wanted to be on the plaza, surrounded by other people who were trying to improve and build upon Caldwell’s roots.

I have lived in Caldwell for 8 years, and when I saw the excitement and attraction that the Indian Creek Plaza was drawing into the area, I knew I wanted to be a part of it,” Rock said. “Honestly, I was drawn to the exact location I’m in whenever I visited downtown.”

Peeking in the shop’s window and imagining what she could do with the property, Rock contacted the space’s owners. Rock believed her shop could improve and enhance the Caldwell community, and she was determined to make her dream a reality. 

“Combine vision with style and you have a winning pair,” Rock said. “We discussed what I envisioned for the space and how it could serve our community. Soon after, 110 South Kimball Avenue came to life, and the rest is history!”

Characterized by its unique frames, SpectaGals offers the perfect pair of glasses for all face shapes, styles and needs. Rock prides herself in her extraordinary selection and her ability to make everyone feel comfortable and seen. 

But individuality goes much farther than a pair of glasses. That’s why the boutique also features linen clothes from Ukraine, elegant hats for all occasions, hand-crafted leather bags and carved, wooden jewelry. 

Whether you’re ready to hit the beach in a sun hat, linen dress and circular sunglasses or want to cozy up with a candle, notebook and your new reading glasses, Rock’s shop offers accessories to match any mood. 

“Recently, I was told by someone that the boutique elevates the everyday,” Rock said. “I love and appreciate that comment, and also believe it to be true.”

These special, individual pieces all come together to create something so much more than a glasses shop; SpectaGals offers everyone the chance to express themselves, find their style and support small businesses. 

“My mantra has always been ‘where vision meets style,’” Rock explained. “My vision for the future of SpectaGals is to continue and expand a carefully curated collection of fine and unique eyewear, art and gift items.”

So the next time you need a pair of sunglasses to beat the plaza’s heat or are hoping to add a unique piece to your wardrobe, drop into SpectaGals for an experience catered to you and your style, and know the story behind the storefront. 


Megan Williams