Indian Creek Plaza Concept Approved

Indian Creek Plaza Concept Approved

GGLO’s planner Christine Harrington presented the concept renderings of Indian Creek Plaza to the Caldwell City Council on September 19, 2016 for approval to proceed with design and construction documents.  The City Council unanimously agreed to the following:

Requested Action:  Approve resolution authorizing the Indian Creek Plaza design consultant (GGLO) to proceed on design of  (3) three major Indian Creek Plaza programmatic elements which shall be incorporated as major features in the plaza and planned in detail for construction. Those elements are:

  • Ice Ribbon+Rink

  • Interactive Water Feature

  • Event Stage and associated infrastructure.

This Resolution included the authorization for the design consultant (GGLO) to proceed designing the plaza consistent with the general layout that they presented in the workshop with the City Mayor and Council held Monday the 12th of September at 6:00.

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