1. Experience


Sky Down Skydiving is the place to make your next skydive and it’s located in Caldwell! Experience the sensations of flying while enjoying the breathtaking view of the valley. Sky Down Skydiving is the only dropzone in the area that is open 7 days a week and through the winter as long as the weather permits jumping!

2. Rich in History


Spend the day learning about Caldwell's deep roots by exploring our museums.  Caldwell has 10 different museums that each offer a unique look into our past. 

3. Agritourism

Local Food

Market fresh, farm fresh, organic, and local food - WE HAVE IT!  Caldwell has many oppotunities to not only purchase local food, but to see where it's grown. Crops range from orchards, vineyards, potatoes, mint, corn, wheat, and hops! 

4. Historic

Walking Tour

Walk the Caldwell Streets and look for the green and white signs depicting the original state of our century old buildings. 

Truck loads of memory-making opportunities!

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