Meet our newest business additions!

Meet our newest business additions!

One of Destination Caldwell’s 2022 goals was to partner with the city and Chamber of Commerce to help welcome new businesses to our city. This past year, several new businesses opened their doors to this community, finding new ways to serve one another and make Caldwell a gathering place for the Treasure Valley. 

Over the last couple of months, four new operations have opened for business in downtown Caldwell. Read down below to learn more about the exciting things happening in our community!


The Craft Lounge

Opening a sweet, prohibition-style speakeasy in Nampa, the Craft Lounge has established new roots in Caldwell. With a food-forward focus, the bar serves a curated selection of appetizers, sandwiches, soups, and salads, making it the perfect lunch spot. 

The lounge has developed a group of passionate followers through their specialty, ever-changing cocktail list. With high quality liquors and intriguing pairings, their menu always surprises and never disappoints. Every season, the menu features a new collection of drinks, highlighting different alcohols to fit the weather and the mood. From hot buttered rums in the height of Christmas celebrations, to a Pisco Sour in the dead of summer, the Craft Lounge is always catering to the cocktail needs of the community.

Stop by their bright new venue to try some of the cult classics that made this place famous.


Mesquite Creek Outfitters

After a long day of window shopping and perusing the shelves around the Indian Creek Plaza, nothing hits better than a crisp pint of craft beer and a flavorful flatbread. 

Not only does Mesquite Creek Outfitters give customers a glass of relief, they also sell hand-crafted, quality clothing and goods. With microbrews from the Pacific Northwest, and a few outlier staples like Shiner Bock, this business knows what good beer is about. A rotating selection of 15 beers on tap, this restaurant-meets-boutique offers something to sip, eat, and purchase for everyone. 

So the next time you need a break, or a beer, come to Mesquite Creek Outfitters and see their incredible selection of clothing, accessories, and brews. 


Olive & Vyne

Oil and Vinegar are seasonings and tools that are used daily in almost every kitchen. Whether for vegetables, chicken, bread, or pasta, oil and vinegar are frequently used, but almost never thought about. That’s the problem Olive and Vyne works to solve. 

Even the most basic olive oil and vinegar have flavor and will add dimension to any dish, so why not choose the profile of these tastes beforehand? Using higher quality products, especially when it comes to the things you eat, only ever helps, and these oils and vinegars are no different. As overwhelming as the process of choosing a flavor and style of oil may be, Olive and Vyne is there to help you every step of the way. From recipe cards to help you craft new dishes, to simple advice on what will match your preferences, this storefront will elevate your home and your dining table. 


The Twisted Fig

From the chef at Extreme Pizza just across the plaza, The Twisted Fig is Indian Creek’s newest restaurant and takeout option. Serving quick, fresh, gourmet meals, The Twisted Fig elevates the recipes and flavors of some of your favorite go-to’s, like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with sour cherry jam and chocolate chips, or a pizza panini garnished with a fig-balsamic glaze. 

The storefront peeks out on the Indian Creek Plaza and welcomes customers in, with specials for every preference and season. Wander on in, or order ahead, the next time you’re craving a quality meal made just for you. 


All photos courtesy of business’ Facebook pages

Megan Williams