Major Hurdle Cleared for Downtown Plaza

Major Hurdle Cleared for Downtown Plaza

Business Improvement District Receives Crucial Support from Caldwell Property Owners

The construction of the Indian Creek Plaza in downtown Caldwell just crossed a key threshold.

Local leaders and community volunteers have officially collected enough signatures from local property owners to establish a Business Improvement District (BID) in downtown Caldwell.

A BID is a designated area within which businesses pay a fee in order to fund improvements within the district’s boundaries. The BID will provide funds to enhance the safety, cleanliness, image and competitiveness of downtown Caldwell. In order to establish a BID in Idaho, state law requires that over 50% of property owners within the boundary sign a petition to establish the district.

“The community of Caldwell has come together to make this plaza a reality,” said Mayor Garret Nancolas, “These signatures send a loud message that the business community is on board.”

BIDs have been used successfully around the country to attract customers to designated areas.  It is estimated that the Indian Creek Plaza will draw between 300-2000 people to downtown Caldwell 250 days of the year.  Caldwell BID dollars will be utilized for operational costs of Indian Creek Plaza.

“Caxton Printers has been a part of the community of Caldwell for over 100 years.  During that time, we have seen a lot of change,” said Scott Gipson, President of Caxton Printers, “As a business owner in downtown Caldwell, I believe that the BID is essential to moving the community of Caldwell forward.”

The Indian Creek Plaza project is the development of an urban square in the core area of the downtown retail district strategically located adjacent to the recently restored Indian Creek.  The plaza will create a gathering place geared to people looking for a family-centric, activity driven downtown.  Indian Creek Plaza will be built at the corner of Kimball and Arthur Streets, at the site of the former King’s location.

“Attainment of the needed property owner signatures is another reminder that people care about Caldwell and there is a commitment to our community.    Indian Creek Plaza is becoming a reality,” said Kelli Jenkins, Indian Creek Plaza Committee Chair  “This is a major milestone in our effort to construct the plaza and create a catalyst to revitalize downtown, but there is still more to do.  We will continue to work with the Mayor and the City Council on this project that will transform our Caldwell Community.”

Last year, Caldwell’s Urban Renewal Agency worked with Destination Caldwell to approve a resolution that outlined the City’s support of Indian Creek Plaza and the designation of the old King’s Variety Store as the site where the City and the Agency would build the plaza if the local property and business owners came together and formed the BID.

The Indian Creek Plaza Committee will now bring the BID petition to the Caldwell City Council.  After receiving the petition, the City Council will then be asked to adopt a resolution of intention to establish the district.