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McIntyre Farms was established in 1909, it began with row crops and raising animals. This included a small number of dairy cows and a local supply of watermelons. Now in 2009, owners Ben and Brad started bringing more cows to the farm in order to help build up the soil fertility in a way that didn’t use a ton of artificial fertilizers or pesticides.
As time passed McIntyre Farms has grown the number of cows, hogs, chickens and turkeys on land. All of these animals play a vital row in farm rotation. The hens are a great way to naturally clean and sanitize the land by cleaning up flies and building up the soil's health. The owners rotate their crops which consist of various grasses, while also educating and selling crop seeds to the public. Currently, McIntyre Farms is run by the 3rd and 4th generation farmers Loren and brothers Ben and Brad. While Ben’s wife, Maria, helps on the farm while managing the farm's marketing and administration. Jill, who is married to Brad helps clean the eggs for packaging and fulfilling orders. Kathy is the family matriarch and motivator who tries to fill in when possible. As you can tell this close knit family really works together to keep things running smoothly and after years of farming they can only expect for more years to come in Caldwell.


Sat 9-10AM or by appointment all year long.

Public farm tour dates: June 18, August 7, September 4, October 9 or book a private tour on their website mcintyrepastures.com


McIntyre Family Farms, Caldwell
The McIntyre family started farming in the Caldwell area back in 1909. The farm started out mostly with row crops and raising animals, including a small dairy and supplying local watermelons. Fast forward to 2009 – when brothers Ben and Brad returned from college and were picking up rocks in fields and began to wonder why the rocks just seemed to keep coming up. This led them (and all of the family!) down the road, in many directions, eventually guiding the family to start different farm practices that nurtured the land and the quality of the livestock they were raising.

If you want to learn more about McIntyre’s farming methods you can visit their website, https://mcintyrefamilypastures.com/, or book a tour of the farm itself! The family plans to hold public tours by wagon every other month when allowed or you can even set up a private tour for yourself or a group of up to 16 people.

Until then, you can get a taste of the grass-fed beef, pork, and poultry, including chickens and turkey, by ordering from the family’s online store. They currently offer home delivery to some areas and have several pick-up points across the Treasure Valley. "

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