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Hello, I’m Tara Dial, owner and creator behind Idaho Mercantile Company. Our story is really the story of my own evolution in the world of handmade, small business, which I entered into in 2010 with the creation of lost little things. I’ve traveled all over the country with lost little things—from Austin to Chicago, Arkansas to Portland, and dozens of towns and cities in between—and one thing that I’ve always carried with me is a love for the handmade community and the way these small business owners have supported, collaborated with, and inspired me and each other, no matter where we are.

When I had the idea for Idaho Mercantile Company, I knew right away what I wanted it to be: a business that supports other artisans and small businesses that I’ve worked with locally and throughout the USA; that offers the community and surrounding neighbors a destination to find local, handmade, and sustainably sourced gifts, everyday goods, to-go snacks and drinks; and that provides a friendly, comfortable atmosphere inspired by historical small-town America and my journeys through places like Gruene, Texas and Stanley, Idaho.

With this in mind, it was clear that Caldwell, Idaho is the perfect home for Idaho Mercantile Company. Full of like-minded small business owners eager to revive a community that brings people together in support of local and artisan wares, Caldwell is a city that has held onto and celebrates its small-town values.

Idaho Mercantile Company currently resides on the main floor of the 1905 Oakes Brothers Marketplace. The Oakes Brothers Marketplace, located at 718 Main Street Caldwell, Idaho was the perfect fit. Kris Garman, the owner, has created a space that shares the same values in supporting a variety of artisans and small businesses within the unique three story building, which opens onto Indian Creek Plaza.

Idaho Mercantile Company’s mission is to be at the forefront of the shop local movement in Canyon Country by introducing customers to a wide variety of local, handmade, and sustainably sourced goods while supporting the small business community here at home and across the USA . The Idaho Mercantile Company offers a wide range of products for everyday needs, seasonal gifts, souvenirs, snacks and drinks for locals and travelers alike.

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